Hidden Gem | F40

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While at Car Week in Monterey a few weeks ago I was walking around with some friends when my other close friend Daniel invited me over to the house he was staying at for the week. It was a secluded house on 17 mile drive. the property was basically invisible from outside its walls, like it was hiding something.. After getting through the man door next the gate, we advanced down a brick driveway to a beautiful gray modern house.. looks worth more than my hometown.. but at the end of the driveway came the garage as you'd assume. My eyes were instantly in disbelief when I saw it peeking out. It might not mean much to others, but to me it was like sighting that one Pokemon you've been hunting for years.. I didn't plan on taking photos that day, but the F40 forced me to. 

Printed on Premium Matte Paper using Archival Ink. This piece will outlive you.

Limited run of 10.

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Paper dimensions are 17x22in, while the actual printed section is 15x20in.