About Me

Brandon Woyshnis

Seattle, Washington

Throughout high school, I was always super into cars, and I had just had my current car repainted and lowered on some new wheels. Out of excitement I stole my moms $100 DSLR and found an abandoned building in town and took pictures of my sick new hoopty. I started doing it more and more frequently, and my other car friends eventually started joining me. I found a lot of joy out of this new little hobby of mine. I then started bringing that little camera to all the local meets and practiced on those cars. I was shooting basically everyday, I learned new tricks with every shot. I then started my Degree from YouTube and Google University! Basically I was studying photography 24/7 on the interwebs. Eventually people started to offer me money to shoot their cars. Money??? to do something I love??? SIGN ME UP.


Our Mission

Woyshnis Media provides nothing less than excellence in everything that we do. From customized prints to personalized shoots, our promise is to deliver happiness through our premium products and services.

Our Vision

Woyshnis Media strives to develop a stronger community of people with a shared interest in cars. Through our premium products and services, we help car enthusiasts fall in love with their passion all over again.



What Gear Do You Use?

Probably one of the most asked questions. While gear alone doesn't make someone great in this industry, I don't mind sharing what I use.

Drone and Case 
Camera Bag

Additional mounts and other gear I use can be found here!

Where Do You Mainly Shoot?

I currently live near The Greater Seattle Area, so am always down to do shoots in the area. However, you can usually catch me flying around the country, such as California and Vegas for events or people that are willing to fly me out to shoot their car. 

Will You Ever Do Tutorials?

Since the art form of automotive photography and videography is so unique per person, I say find and develop your own style. I might drop a few pointers here are there in the future, but I do not see myself doing full on tutorials ever.

What is Your Turnaround Time For Shoots?

Typically photos take me about 1 week to complete a full set and videos can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. This can vary depending on the project and any special requests. Quality > Quantity.

What If I Get pulled over during the shoot?

During the shoot it's not uncommon I get pulled over for hanging out of a van, but there shouldn't be any reason you get pulled over unless you are doing something illegal, such as speeding. We don't condone speeding during the shoot as it's not required to get the shoot complete. That being said, you are responsible for your own tickets, as am I for mine.